9 Ways to Kill It on Instagram

7. November 2018

If there’s one thing I’ve found while researching the tips and tricks to ‘making it’ on Instagram, it’s that all the articles I’ve read, and all the videos I’ve watched, basically say the same thing, just in different orders. So what can I do as an article author, to bring something new to the table? […]

How to create a theme for your brand on Instagram — Tips and Strategies to get you started!

As Walter Landor once said: “Products are built in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” Successful brands are desirable, dependable, and unique in people’s minds. A distinct, well-crafted brand story is a compelling way to connect with an audience and win their attention. Distinctive branding stems from having a clear brand positioning […]

Top 4 Instagram Influencer Marketing Trends to Follow in 2018

Goodbye, Snapchat, it’s been nice knowing you! Ever since August of 2016 and the decisive launch of the Instagram Stories, the second most popular photo-oriented platform in the world has been officially kicked out of the race. It’s solely up to Instagram now to delight, engage, and convert its tremendous crowd of 8 million active daily […]

The best must-have apps to edit your Instagram pictures – by Tobias van Schneider

After so many people asked me this question, I wanted to take some time and walk you through my process of editing pictures for Instagram. There are a lot of reasons why I edit my pictures on the iPhone, but for some reason it has a therapeutic effect on me. Sitting on the couch, on […]

25 Amazing Stats You Need to Know About Instagram

6. November 2018

Instagram is kind of a big deal right now. That’s why I’ve dedicated quite a few posts here on Inc. this year to discussing why your company needs to be on Instagram and how you can make the most of it. For one, engagement on Instagram is super high. That’s why many of the top brands […]

Seven things your are probably doing wrong on Instagram

1. November 2018

You might think that using Instagram is easy and that is where you are wrong. But why, you may ask, anyone can use Instagram, it is just adding photos, isn’t it?. Pictures of your dog, your cat, your dinner. Yes, that is all nice, in case you are just a regular user who doesn’t aspire […]

How to use Instagram to the fullest

In the modern, fast-paced world of technologies, one has to keep up in order to survive. Marketing and promotion is everything and we are lucky to have the possibilities – technologies – to make it easier and promote products to the public. Of course, first, you need to know how. Today, Instagram is slowly putting […]

The timing is everything

You already might have notice that the time is rather crucial when it comes to posting content on Instagram – you want your posts to be seen by as many people as possible and to accomplish this goal, you need to realize WHEN is your target audience online. To find out this little, important detail, […]

Why you should have an Instagram account?

16. September 2018

Do you have a business and do you still lack an Instagram account, because it is not for you? Well, think twice and maybe change your mind; you should definitely have an Instagram. Not only it is for free, but it is also a widely popular platform, frequented by people of all ages – all […]

Be successful on Instagram – tips & tricks

Fame certainly sounds good and in the era of Internet, it is easier to achieve than ever before – but you still need to work on it, of course. You need to build it up and then – which is the tricky part – keep it. Let’s take a look at a few tips and […]

How does AI work?

Time is precious and wasting it on the endless following, liking and commenting on other people’s accounts on Instagram to get noticed can be pretty tiring, but when you are a beginner and building up your fanbase, creating audience, it is necessary. Now, many aspiring influencers and companies that want to get noticed on Instagram […]