Affiliate program

Hypelogy offers a possibility for a new source of income from our affiliate program.

How does it work?

We offer you a provision of 20% for every customer you mediate for Hypelogy.


Lets say you get 15 customers (family, friends, companies, followers, etc) to purchase our Starter Package / 69€ and 10 customers (friends, family, companies, followers, etc) to purchase or Standard Package / 99€. Here’s an example breakdown of what would be your monthly commission.

Starter Package
69€ x 15 customers = 1 035€
Your Commission = 207€

Standard Package
99€ x 10 customers = 990€
Your Commission = 198€

Total Monthly Commission = 405€

Payout Schedule: Weekly (7Days)


Passive Income

If you make a deal and the customer pays 69€ monthly for our Starter package, or 99€ for our Standard package, you will be getting paid automatically to your bank account the following month, without having to do anything else.

Wide Market

We offer our service/product to social site Instagram, which is being used by more than 1 million people

Innovative Product

Our services has amazing and provable results, which implies a great interest in this service.

No Expenses

You do not need to invest any finances and you can start anytime and anywhere! The customer service is in our hands.

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Premium partnership

Do you have a big Instagram fanbase?

Become our premium partner and make money.

Who can become a premium partner?